Well, I was browsing some adult content and came across this amateur porn actor. I figured I’d write something about him. Here’s what I know.


Big Doc Ralphino is the stage name for an amateur porn actor. He started to appear online in early 2016 at well-known porn sites such as Xhamster, Porn.com, Zoig and Pornhub, among others. As of November 2016, he has four short films, i.e. Big Doc Ralphino & The 6-Foot Blonde, Big Doc Ralphino & The Cute Asian, Big Doc Ralphino Gets a Rimjob and Big Doc Ralphino & The China Doll. His movies tend to include digital video post-production effects such as a title screen, fading, masking, end credits, captions and free background music which is uncommon in typical amateur porn. Therefore his works may represent the start of a new genre somewhere between professional and amateur porn.

The short films feature hardcore penetrative sex in various settings taken from particular angles at a slight distance from the actors. This suggests a generally low production budget or lack of staff. It is not known if the ‘Doc’ portion of the stage name implies the actor is really a medical doctor, a doctorate or it is purely a creation such as with the name, “Dr. Dre” (the famous rapper and music producer who is neither a medical doctor nor a doctorate). It is also uncertain if he is of Italian descent given the ‘Ralphino’ portion of his stage name. In his movies, his face is typically blurred out or masked to protect his true identity. Big Doc Ralphino’s movies are freely available up to HD quality on the Internet. Some of his movies, based on viewer ratings, are typically better and of higher quality than others. The actresses who appear in these movies are unidentified and not credited.

3 thoughts on “Big Doc Ralphino

  1. Thanks for the info! A new movie of his came out in December 2016, I believe. It’s entitled, “Big Doc Ralphino & The Masseuse”. His longest one yet. It’s very artistic and relaxing.


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